As hard as it was getting that vision into manuscript form, for me the bigger challenge is getting it edited, proofed, and putting the entire package together. I don’t care how many times I edit it; another mistake always appears. That’s why a proof reader or at least a second, third, and fourth set of eyes is needed to read it over. Once you are satisfied with your manuscript then comes the publishing questions.

  • Are you providing your own cover artwork and/or design?
  • What trim size do you want?
  • Jacketed hardcover, case hardcover, or paperback binding?
  • Gloss or matte cover lamination?
  • Black & white, standard color, and premium color interior print options?
  • What kind of distribution availability do you want?

Things you are going to need:

  1. ISBN number for each format of your book
  2. Barcodes for your ISBN numbers
  3. Ebook conversion if you choose Ebook
  4. Adobe Photoshop or InDesign for book creation

I’m sure there are many more questions and needs but these are a sample of what you will be dealing with.

There are several companies providing package deals out there. All of these companies get there ISBN numbers from Bowkers. They by them by the thousands at a discount and sell a few to you in a package deal. An individual ISBN number costs $125. A thousand of them costs $1500. Thrillogy Press bought 100 of them for $575. The advantage of this is all books published by Thrillogy Press will all have identifiers attributing them to the Press whereas individual numbers have no Press affiliations. A publishing package I received just today (2/27/2020) stated for $395 I get 10 ISBN number, an Ebook creator .doc, and two barcodes. Sounds like a reasonable deal, but remember, they only paid $1.50 for each of those ISBN numbers, barcodes are usually supplied when you apply for a book format from a printer and many of the printers supply Ebook software or Amazon and Kindle can help with that. So basically, you are paying $395 for $15 worth of ISBN numbers.

Most of your expenses will be preparing your book for printing and the expense for doing so. I use Ingram Spark for my printing and book set-up. I used them with my first publishing company and I am pleased with the product I receive today. Like I said earlier, I am looking for authors who need help getting started and have a story that interests me. As of now I still have 86 unused Thrillogy Press ISBN numbers and a lot of experience putting books together for publication. If you have a vision and/or a great marketing plan let me know about it and Ill get back to you as soon as I can.

Here is what I have to offer.

I have the software necessary to put your book together for publication. If I decide your project works for Thrillogy Press we will agree on a price for preparing it for printing based on how ready it is. We will also work out a percentage of book sale profits to Thrillogy Press based on book cost and profit margin. If we agree, we will submit it to Ingram, they will check it over and send back the proof for our approval. If we both approve, Thrillogy Press will to pay the cost of having two initial copies printed and mailed to you and Thrillogy Press. (At this point I always have someone proof my books again and unfortunately usually make changes costing me extra money.) At this point if you wish to order books, Thrillogy Press will order the books and have them shipped to you via shipping options offered upon prepayment to Thrillogy Press. Thrillogy Press will receive royalty payment on sales through Ingram and supply authors with all correspondence and invoices pertaining to their book.

Self-publication can be a chore but I hope I can make the process better for you. It would be nice to be able to say I am with a publisher.

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