About Thrillogy Creative Arts

Thrillogy Creative Arts is a new boutique publishing company, and yes, it is a vanity press. At least it is right now. This is my second publishing company. My first began as a partnership but soon blossomed to include other writers. I was teaching at the time and my writing was flourishing. My Hawaii bio-terror series was relatively successful and I was doing many book signings both in Hawaii and California. Fortunately, I had an excellent marketing plan for that series and the Borders Bookstores were very supportive. With the demise of Borders and no marketing strategy for my Kevin Bridges Spiritual Warfare Series, sales declined. Handling the publishing company operations, teaching and writing became too much so I sold off my share of the publishing company to my partner. I retired from teaching continued to write but spent several years pursuing other interests as well. Over the past two years I have reedited all of my original books, except my first, rereleased them all on Thrillogy Creative Arts and on March 1st, 2020 released my newest book. Tom, Nick, and Mary: A Madcap Adventure. It is quite a departure from my earlier books. I plan on releasing two more books by the beginning of next year and have rough drafts for two others.

However, Thrillogy Creative Arts is not just about me.

I will be looking for authors with great stories and a good marketing strategy that need help putting their books together and are looking to be affiliated with a small start-up press. I have gone though this process before and continue to do so writing, marketing and promoting my own books. Please don’t send manuscripts unless we’ve talked first and I request them.

Thrillogy Creative Arts is located in Tampa, Florida, so I am most interested in authors in that general region. I would like to hear about your stories in person. However, even if you live elsewhere, if it’s a great story and you have a great marketing plan, email me. As the name of the press implies, I’m most interested in thrillers. That being said, my new book is not a thriller. I consider it an adventure comedy. My last publishing company even published poetry books. Not quite sure I’m there yet, but maybe in the future. It can be overwhelming trying to put your book together and near impossible finding a publisher. Thrillogy Creative Arts is here to help.