About Terry Fritts

About Terry Fritts

One day I was reading one of the many Tom Clancy novels ghost written by someone else. This one took place in the Monterey and Carmel-by-the sea area of California. I knew the area well having spent much time there visiting our son who lives in Carmel Valley. I was very disappointed with the book and thought I can do better. I had thought about writing for years and thought now is the time. My wife and I were vacationing on the Big Island of Hawaii and inspiration hit. I began non-stop writing and exploring the island and talking to people for background information. We were staying at the Hilton Waikoloa Village and it became an integral set for my first book. Our vacation came to an end and I had to return to teaching. However, I was at the major shoot-out scene in the Hilton bar. I had to get it right. I explained it to my wife, who graciously agreed to return immediately to the Big Island so I could pace out the shoot out scene exactly. I finished that first book in less than a month, and it shows, but it led to some amazing travel experiences throughout Hawaii, Russia, Spain, France, and the South as I continued to write.

With a partner I started our first publishing company and learned the process of putting books together and trying to market our products. I bought the rights to some famous volcano photos for my Bio-terror series and worked a deal with Borders and a distributor in Hawaii and before long had my books in every store on every island in Hawaii. I was visiting two or three times a year signing at Borders and hotels that I included in all of my books. When in California I could contact and arrange a signing at any Borders. Things were going great until Borders failed. (Don’t blame me.)

Handling the publishing company business was becoming too much so I sold off my share to my partner. I continued to write, retired from teaching and added a wing onto my house. On a whim I decided to try acting and auditioned for the sultan role in the Aladdin show at California Adventure. I didn’t get the part, but a week later Disneyland called and offered me the job of Santa Claus. My children would not let me turn it down. That was the start of a fun and somewhat lucrative acting career. Who knew there was such a demand for old balding men for television commercials? But time moves on, and so did we, to Florida, to be near our daughter’s family. No longer being near Hollywood I have refocused on my writing career. I’m still doing high-end photo shoots as Santa and continue to work a bit as a musician. I guess I forgot to mention that part of my life. (Check out my website: terrywfritts.com)

As you can see, I’ve also got back into the publishing business. Check out my books and I’d be happy to send you a signed copy if you order through the Thrillogy Press website.